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Its a big ad

March 5, 2006
Get 2Gb free online storage with Dropbox


Smygarn (guest)  -  March 15, 2006, 19:38
Noo Norrlands Guld!
jöhim (guest)  -  March 28, 2006, 01:01
oooohhh lätt! NORRLANDS GULD!!!! sweden kicks ass :D
Lionheart (guest)  -  March 28, 2006, 17:51
Impressionnant je trouve ^_^
Tbear (guest)  -  March 29, 2006, 22:38
så jävla bra :) Sweden is the only one
Lauri (guest)  -  April 7, 2006, 23:21
What is the original song called?
anT- (guest)  -  April 27, 2006, 20:23
Carl Orff - O Fortuna
suicidal (guest)  -  May 24, 2006, 01:02
Its a funny overlay of that scene of Lord of The Rings, b-utiful
qwerty (guest)  -  July 9, 2006, 22:08
Ed (guest)  -  July 13, 2006, 00:51
Awesome! absolutely loved it. Im probably the ad execs dream, easily persuaded but...its Carlton for me now :P cant believe how big it is! lol
Serveck (guest)  -  July 26, 2006, 21:12
ha ha! thats awsome, i would totally want to be in that ad, because they paid the people in a free case of beer.
Shiken (guest)  -  July 28, 2006, 04:02
O_o That's a big ad
fake (guest)  -  July 30, 2006, 18:37
Jamacan (guest)  -  August 4, 2006, 00:53
hooray beer!
 Draugovininkas  -  August 6, 2006, 23:26
Nice add... But i would call it more funny than impressive... Such scenes were created in movies (like LOTR: the return of the king where the orcs weren't computer made, instead there were thousands of students and other people who didn't have anything to do and wanted money)
tobbe! (guest)  -  August 24, 2006, 20:24
Draugovininkasyou are wrong. watch the extra material to the Lotr before you say something brighthead!
who cares (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 05:17
is it fake? i dont know how they got all the pplz there so its prolly fake but who cares its awesome
 Deleted0001  -  September 12, 2006, 14:19
Yes, it's a big ad.
Pat (guest)  -  September 13, 2006, 20:58
Very good,very big ad.
Mike (guest)  -  October 13, 2006, 00:59
haha awsome ad but Ive never seen it on tv
Schnoofles (guest)  -  October 22, 2006, 16:21
Yes, it's CG. It was made by Framestore CFC
eh (guest)  -  October 25, 2006, 15:40
australian ad
Cutthroat Bill (guest)  -  December 14, 2006, 12:50
That's a *very* big ad.
The Monster (guest)  -  January 19, 2007, 04:45
The Actual Name Is "Apocalyptica" By Carmina Burana. Nice try folks, Good song and wouldn't that ad have been fun to be in.
AWESOME (guest)  -  August 17, 2007, 00:12
No, dummy, The song is Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, a German Composer. The metal band Apocalyptica does a cover of Carmina Burana. Get your shit straight...
katariina (guest)  -  December 24, 2007, 22:40
No, get YOUR shit straight. Apocalyptica has n ever done a cover of Carmina Burana, despite a file floating around the internet.



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