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The drinking glass illusion

May 8, 2007


tyoer  -  May 8, 2007, 00:38
Kool But The reason I give this video a thumbs down is becuase this video was on ebaumsworld 2 days ago and im pretty sure thats where he got the idea of adding it to his site. The only reason i visit this site is becuase they usually show kool videos that aint on everyother site. Dont forget that.
Puma  -  May 8, 2007, 00:43
Kewl. How the fuck do they do that? I'm speechless...
Ulf  -  May 8, 2007, 00:54
I have not even visited ebaumsworld the last .. 6 months :) I'm just behind on the videos right now.
D (guest)  -  May 8, 2007, 01:39
they were already filled with just enough water, you can tell because it gets diluted at the end.
Brody  -  May 8, 2007, 05:09
frosted glasses mmmm 2 ways this can be done
kith (guest)  -  May 8, 2007, 07:01
the only reason I dont think they arn't filled with water beforehand is the way it goes in, it doesnt mix in like its hitting water.
Maod (guest)  -  May 8, 2007, 08:19
Just before he fills the biggest glass, you can easily see where the waterlevel is. It moves as he touches the glass and is aligned with his thumb.
ihonzawa  -  May 8, 2007, 12:25
Actually...It's pretty simple to figure out. The glass has a second inside wall. You'll notice that the person only pours the liquid near the rim of the glass. As the glass gets bigger, the space between the 2nd wall and the actual wall becomes smaller. I saw that the liquid was poured by the middle, but at a further the person was still pouring into the false rim. The center area of the glass is hollow. Or it would appear to be as no liquid would fill the inside. You'll really see it on the last glass...The person was trying so hard to get it close to the rim that a lot of the liquid spilled onto the table.
ihonzawa  -  May 8, 2007, 12:27
Oh, hince...naming it "The drinking glass illusion"
ihonzawa a div... (guest)  -  May 8, 2007, 12:43
It's obvious that there is already water in the larger glasses. Just look at the colour of the liquid and how pale/diluted it is by the time it's in the last glass. Also, if it was a fake rim(?!??! idiot) then he wouldn't have been able to fill the other 4 glasses with the contents of the largest glass. With your suggestion no extra liquid is used so therefore rendering the final trick impossible. The frosted glass disguises the fact there is already water in the bottom of the larger glasses, but you can see it if you watch closely in the 2nd or 3rd glass. A second inside wall??? You spaz!!
blindgaenger  -  May 8, 2007, 14:18
it's a nice magic trick. i don't mind if it has been posted on a different website before..
ihonzawa  -  May 8, 2007, 15:47
Well, at least my theory required some thought. At the time of my writing, I did not finish the video to see that the large glass had filled the rest. Everyone had their own opinion...I had mine. Main thing is...this is a pretty neat illusion. Let's all get along and be happy.
magician (guest)  -  May 9, 2007, 06:56
combine the two theories above and you have the answer. There is an inside cylinder with water. When he fills up the bigger glass he fills it close to the rim and therefore to the outside of the interior cylinder. Then, when he goes back the water from the interior chamber mixes with the white stuff making the ultimate amount larger and diluting the final mixture.
ihonzawa really is a div (guest)  -  May 9, 2007, 16:06
What's with the inside cylinder/hidden rim craziness that you people are going on about?!? When you formed your opinion maybe you should have watched the whole video. Just a thought, might save you some embarrasment next time. Magician, it seems that you are also just as mentally prohibited as ihonzawa. There are no inside cyclinders, why would there be? You can see the liquid becoming progressively more diluted which each glass. There's no need to over complicate it with extra chambers. The reason he is pouring close to the rim is that if he poured the white liquid into the centre of the glass you'd see it diluting with the water and spreading to to the edge of the glass. Take a look at the video again, in particular when he pours the liquid from the largest glass into the others (it's at the end ihonzawa). You can clearly see down the top of the glass and there is no chamber. Ihonzawa, how does the fact that your theory required thought need mentioning? Are you trying to show off that you used your grey matter? I wouldn't be boasting if I were you. I would try to pretend you read it on some forum somewhere and not that you concocted it yourself. Not having a go, just more friendly advise. How about that for getting along!!
Deleted0001  -  May 9, 2007, 16:22
Ry (guest)  -  May 9, 2007, 18:56
My first thought was a hollow center too. What's with the macho demeaning text?
blindgaenger  -  May 9, 2007, 21:48
just the usual internet troll behaviour... anonymity makes good manners optional :(
Fido (guest)  -  May 10, 2007, 10:19
magician got it spot on. Look at 40 secs left, there you see the inside cylinder. They've got a cylinder inside the glass that is filled with water, thus there's a larger volume with each glass and that also explains the dilution. Anyone with eyes can see that the liquid hits the bottom of the glass, thus making the macho idiot a mere idiot... :)
Fido (guest)  -  May 10, 2007, 13:39
I love banter
ihonzawa  -  May 11, 2007, 03:42 Really harsh words man. I wasn't saying anything to put anyone down. I just said that I put a little more thought into my post than by typing the obvious. At a first glance it'd appear that the glass somehow was producing more liquid. I was trying to look at it at a more realistic manner. I didn't quite agree 100% with the mixing theory because I found it hard to believe that the 'water' inside blended effortlessly. I can believe however that it could be a combination of both ideas. It would make sense to have some liquid in the glass in order to perform the last bit of pouring into the remaining glasses. I'm not here to bash people. I'm here to share my thoughts. Honzawa is my last name. The I in front stands for my adopted last name, Ige. Being adopted from Japan, I like to keep touch with my heritage and current lifestyle. I was a bit offended by the rash comments towards me, but I also understand that there will be people out there like that...who thrive on put downs. I can only wish him the best of luck in finding a more ideal way of addressing issues.
ihonzawa  -  May 11, 2007, 03:46
Oh, and I didn't read it on a forum...I don't need to plagiarize to promote my intelligence. That was like, a blow to my inept ability to process information. -_-
Magician (guest)  -  May 11, 2007, 07:38
fido, thanks for the support...div it's nice to see you eat your words
Draugovininkas  -  May 11, 2007, 16:03
Not a bad trick. Very hard to see for ppl that don't notice details. Iner wals? What the hell are you talking about? No walls except for the one of the glass. Real explanation: You can see that by the way the water goes down. It would spread a bit round (it's just physics). Now the coment which said about the water NOT mixing was wrong. If he would have poured the first content into the last you could see it but since the colour has faded a little you cannot see it. If you don't see that the water stops falling higher and goes stright up then whach it again and again until you see it. The water mixes, it is esay to see. Yet a good trick
OGrilla  -  May 23, 2007, 05:47
From :15 to :12 seconds to go, you can definitely see that there is a cylinder within the larger glass, filled with clear water and it's mixing with the diluted white fluid as it is poured into the second smallest container. Also, magician was right about the very obvious cylinder at :40 seconds to go. Nice trick, but it probably works best on someone under the influence. ;D
bobbert (guest)  -  June 15, 2007, 17:13
the trick is Easy!! you can see how the water changed colors, from white to almost clear, that's because the other cups were prefilled with clear water. Oh yes, and the reason the cups are not clear was also the reason to cover up the water inside
Niedec (guest)  -  June 17, 2007, 02:07
Yeah, there's an inside rim. Quit looking at the bottom and watch what happens as he pours. You can't see the liquid go down. You only see a little bit of it as he starts, and then the glass filling at the bottom. The middle of it is completely missing. That proves that there's an inside rim. Also, you can kinda see it in the glasses. It looks like the hem of a T-shirt, the way you see the first rim and then the second one a bit beneath it. It's still an awesome trick, though. Any illusion that causes this sort of bickering means that the magician did his job: fooling and confusing the audience. And Ihonzawa and Magician shouldn't be put down like that. They did their best to come up with an answer, and any answer that comes with a bit of reasoning is a good one, in my opinion. :)

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